Naujavan: brand new British Asian beats



On Monday, 22 April, Naujavan officially released their first single Walls from their upcoming debut EP. The song speaks of God’s patient love as He seeks to rebuild and restore us. The opening phrase “our walls have crumbled down, broken head to toe” starts with the reality of our brokenness and celebrates that as God repairs us, we too are called to offer the same to those around us.

For all the years Naujavan has been in operation (15 years this year!) there have been countless requests for the ‘sound of worship’ so often experienced at events to be recorded and released. This sound that often blends Asian and western rhythm, combines languages and still has a distinct current and ‘British’ edge has taken time to pin down. At the heart of it, music is an incredible gift that can be used to worship God. Songs travel and speak truth into lives like nothing else. The prayer here is that many young people would get a taste of who Jesus really is and would grow closer to him through it.

The Naujavan band led by Sanjay Rajo, along with other friends, musicians, writers, producers and worshippers, have gathered together to carve out anthems of worship with this British Asian flavour – many hours in the studio, honing the detail and seeking to communicate the message most powerfully. The result? A new six-track EP written by the collective of Naujavan, speaking of God’s goodness and crying out for Him to lead us on as a united people. It may be focussed on the British Asian scene, but this message is most certainly for everyone.

The EP is set for release at Naujavan’s EP launch party on 29 June at All Nations Christian Centre in Wolverhampton. All the details are on the Naujavan website ( This is going to be a significant night celebrating what God has done over the past 15 years within Naujavan and catching a glimpse of the future vision. There will be some special guests performing on the night and it will be first opportunity to get your hands on the EP.

If you can’t wait until then, you can download the current single Walls from iTunes (and most other online stores), watch the full-length music video and get the chord chart for the song on the Naujavan music page: