Sari ‘N’ Chips relaunched as e-book

Sari 'n' Chips book cover“Must Asians in the West lose their cultural identity?” This is the question that begins Ram Gidoomal’s Sari ‘N’ Chips. The answer that comes in the following 150 pages is delivered with a mixture of well researched statistics, entertaining anecdotes and most importantly, real life experience.

Described by Steve Chalke as “shrewd and compassionate…full of fascinating insights”, the book, which is now available on Kindle for just £2.50, describes how Ram was caught between an Asian and Western culture on arriving in the UK.

Few Asians will have experienced all the trials and tribulations that Ram has, but the vast majority will find many of the author’s experiences familiar.

Dedicated to all immigrants, refugees and ethnic minorities, wherever they may be, the book which was first published 20 years ago, continues to be hugely relevant as it deals with many issues that Asians face in the UK today. These issues include family practices, religious beliefs, language, food and even personal hygiene.

The aim of the relaunched e-book is twofold – to let Asians know they are not alone in the cultural challenges they face, and to help non Asians develop relationships with their Asian neighbours.

Published by South Asian Concern, the book ties in with the charity’s aim to equip South Asians to become disciples of Jesus. Director Kevin Wren said: “The launch of Sari ‘n Chips in e-book form comes at an exciting time for us. South Asian Concern is looking at new and innovative ways to connect with churches and support them in their interaction with south Asians and we believe that this e-book, along with our other resources, is a great tool to aid understanding, compassion, support and connectivity and I highly recommend it.”