South Asian Forum welcomes new team member Raksha Rajo

Raksha Rajo

Raksha Rajo

We have a new member of staff working on the Discovering Jesus Through Asian Eyes course to help promote it amongst church leaders across the UK. We welcome Raksha Rajo of Naujavan, who is working one day a week for six months to encourage key church leaders and organisations to run the course and equip them in becoming ambassadors for it. Raksha will be responsible for targeting 10 cities where there is a high Asian population.

Raskha attends Southampton Lighthouse International Church, who are one of our partners and one of the three churches involved in piloting the course. This resulted in several course participants coming to Christ and being baptised.

Raksha shares her journey of discovering Jesus with us:

Being brought up in a Hindu family, it was nothing short of a miracle that my Dad opened his heart and the door for his brothers, sister and parents to meet and accept the living God. I was only 5 at the time. We started to go to Church and it was here that my passion and faith grew. The questions that burned inside were answered and I was allowed the space to express my worship to God through the overhead projector role, cleaning the kitchen, leading songs, raising money for the poor and whatever else I could get my hands into. From a young age, I knew I belonged to this family.

I love that God made me to be a British Asian female. I am aware that He has uniquely placed me to share my faith with other Asians. Though these labels can’t compare to my identity in Christ, they have given me a focused and specialised burden for young British Asians to live for Jesus. Naujavan is an exciting, courageous organisation that shares this same mission to inspire, develop and equip this generation of young British Asians in their walk with Christ. I help to build relationship, strategise and develop content but most importantly I pray. I pray for unity in the Church, for young Asians to find faith in Jesus and for Christians to recognise the desperate need to seek and reach a lost group of people.

This is where the timely Discovering Jesus Through Asian Eyes resource reveals itself to be a game changer. Here’s a tool that enables us in the Church to discover Jesus and love our Asian friends and family in a relevant way that really works.. I am taken back when I meet people who have little connection with Asians but have the burden to reach them. I joined the South Asian Forum team because I wanted to meet more people like this, encourage them in the work that they do and give them this resource. Many have said in similar words to these that ‘this is exactly what we needed’.

We live in an increasingly multicultural society with a growing Asian population. I once heard someone say ‘the demographic of our Church should reflect the streets that surround it.’ If an Asian person of ‘other’ faith stepped into our church, would we be ready? Could we help to break down the barriers and open up the doors? The work is difficult, long term and often slow and this resource is only a resource! However, in the hands of those with vision and heart it will inspire, instruct and bring insight. The Spirit of God is at work in some of the most unlikely characters, so trust Him and go for it!

Discovering Jesus through Asian eyes has been developed by the South Asian Forum of the Evangelical Alliance in partnership with a wide range of organisations, churches and individuals that have supported, advised and encouraged the development of this resource.

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