The Right Way – Al-Siraat Al-Mustaqem

The Right WayThe Arabic word “الصراط المستقيم” – Al-Siraat Al-Mustaqeem means ‘THE RIGHT WAY’. The Right Way’s vision is “to see a family/community of MBBs (Muslim Background Believers) who are helping and building up MBBs who have found faith in Jesus; worshipping the Lord Jesus in their socially and culturally sensitive ways in house churches.”

The Right Way works to build-up and to strengthen the MBBs in their new found faith and walk with Jesus Christ, develop leadership capacity amongst MBBs through apprenticeship and discipleship, provide a safe home or a refuge, for MBBs who may face persecution and ostracism as a consequence of their conversion and support the work of churches across United Kingdom who wish to reach Muslims.

The Right Way has set up an Advisory Council to provide accountability. This comprises of MBB leaders as well as other mature Christians. For more information, call: 07803503202 or email: [email protected], Website: